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Nachos and Taco Salad Grocery Pack - SAME DAY DELIVERY

Nachos and Taco Salad Grocery Pack - SAME DAY DELIVERY

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Build your own Nachos and Taco Salad Grocery Pack

Delivered to your Doorstep for No Contact or Low Contact Curbside Pickup

Freshly Fried Flour Tortilla Chips - approximately 16 oz.

Homemade Garden Salsa - 1 qt.

Ground Beef - Frozen - 2 pounds

Sour Cream - 1 qt.

Shredded Cheddar Cheese - 16 oz.

Yellow Onions - 3 lbs

Romaine Lettuce - 3 heads

*Remember to line your pan of nachos with foil before you broil the cheese in order to save on clean up time.

Non-Retail Packaging.  Weighed and Packaged in our Licensed and Insured Commissary in plain packaging.

We recently received and "Excellent" on our Douglas County Health Inspection.  In addition to our already stringent cleaning and sanitation practices, we have added advanced measures to keep our staff and our clients safe.  And, as a commissary vs. a standard retail grocer, our facility does not have frequent foot traffic from guests/clients.